My GOAL is simple.
I help you have a photography experience that feels honest, meaningful, and helps you treasure your intentional moments.

My GOAL is simple.
I help you have aN experience that feels true, meaningful, and helps you treasure your intentional moments.

Jesus following, wife, mom of three, outdoors exploring, Homeschooling mom, and cabin frequenter.

I'm a simple girl who loves slowing down, enjoying a good cup of coffee by a fire, listening to country music with the windows down, exploring the great outdoors with my family, and documenting honest stories of life. 

As a mom, business owner, and photographer for a decade, I have found the best way to reduce stress and stay true to the people I work with is through intention and creating a connection with you.  
I thrive in details, planning, and turning the unique beauty of people's lives into pieces of art.  I believe that God created each of us as unique individuals, and just like that - each of our stories and lives are special and worthy of preserving.

I document your lives in a way that reminds you of the value and beauty they hold, and the history being written.  Let's create some fireside kind of memories for you.

my favorite part of my job?
capturing the kind of moments you didn't even know you needed.

Hi there, I'm Ashley

often in my kitchen making things from scratch

accomplished 1,000 hours outside with my family

homeschooled and homeschooling my kids

would rather be camping or driving a dirt road

always barefoot 

currently Listening:  zach bryan or PODCASTS 

Dreaming of having horses again one day

Quick Facts 

Creating an experience
that feels rooted and
like a breath of fresh air.

Ready to ditch run of the mill photo experiences in favor of an intentional, laid back one that honors your story? 

let's work together!